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We’ve Made Our Donation to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

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Just wanted to let everyone know that after getting in touch directly with the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, we’ve now made our pledged donation based on our sales of Spitfire Jack. It ended up being £100 based on current exchange rates.

Thank you to everyone who bought a Spitfire Jack shirt – you’ve helped out a worthy cause!

Check out their website here. 

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Details on How Much We’ll Be Donating to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

Now that Spitfire Jack is almost out the door, we can reveal the details of the donation we’ll be making. When we sold the shirt, we pledged to donate $1 from the sale of every shirt to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, the organization that maintains the memorial to the men who fought the Battle of Britain. They’re raising funds to build a new museum on the site.

We sold a total of 173 shirts, which means we’ll be making a donation of $173 to the Trust.

Thank you so much to everyone who bought a shirt – we’re chuffed to be able to make such a large donation and it will certainly go to a good cause!

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Missed a Design? Then Check out the New Waitlist Function

We get several requests a week from people to bring back designs we’ve sold in the past. And we do plan to bring the most popular ones back in special sales later this year. But it’s hard to predict which ones people want to buy again.

So, we’ve added a new feature to the site that allows you to join the waiting list for a past shirt and when/if we decide to bring it back – you’ll be notified as soon as we start taking orders again.

It’s a relatively simple procedure – just go to the shirt page, select the size you’d want and click ‘join waitlist’ and then you’re added to the list. You need to be a registered user of the site, however.

The systems keeps track of how many people are on the waiting list for each shirt, so we can use this data to know what shirts people are really clamoring for and that will make it easier to decide what to bring back.

Browse our shirt archive here.

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We’ve Moved to a New Shipping Platform and Customer Experience Will Drastically Improve


One of the biggest challenges we’ve come across since we started Anglotees was processing orders for shipping accurately and efficiently. We’ve tried several tools. Some have worked and some haven’t. We’ve discovered a great new tool that’s going to drastically improve our order fulfillment.

It’s called Shipstation and it will allow us to change the way we ship our orders. How is pretty boring and we’ll save you the gory details (you don’t want to know about counting, sorting, etc). But the customer facing end will have a couple big changes:

  • Customers will now be notified as soon as their order ships automatically.
  • All orders will be updated with a USPS tracking number (this will be in an order shipped email you get when your order ships) that will allow you to keep track of your order without having to email us and ask. It will also be visible on your order status page.
  • All our labels and invoices will have Anglotees branding on it which will just look much nicer.
  • International order fulfillment will become much simpler and those orders will also have tracking info automatically added to their orders (these take longer to arrive to their destinations and we get lots of emails from people wondering where their shirt is).

Shipstation is not a free service, but it’s worth the investment to improve our shipping processes and for the customer experience to improve. We hope you notice!

We tested this when we mailed out British at Heart and loved it – it took much less time for us to process and ship our orders. We just finished shipping London on the Mind and it’s the first time we’ve used it for all the orders and we’re very happy with the results.

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Technical Issue with Amazon Payments FIXED

We had several people try to check out overnight using Amazon Payments and their orders failed. We had a technical glitch with our integration with Amazon Payments, which we’ve now fixed. If you unsuccessfully tried to order last night, please place your order again. Many apologies for the glitch!

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How to Pay if you don’t have an Amazon or Paypal Account?

We’ve been getting this question a lot lately from folks who don’t have a Paypal account (or don’t want one) or an Amazon Payments account. The good news is that it’s easy to pay if you don’t have an account with either company. We’ve setup a page that has step by step directions to pay for our shirts if you don’t have an Amazon or Paypal account.

Click here to read the steps.

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Explaining Our Small Price Rise

This week marks the launch of our 10th t-shirt since we launched Anglotees in January. Some shirts have been a huge hit, others have not done so well. As a result, we have had to nudge our prices up a little but – there’s a $1 increase across the board on all our t-shirts.

To give you an insight into our business a little. When we started in January, shirts cost $19.99 and only one type was available. Based on the data we got from the first sales, we decided to lower the price  of the base shirt to $15.99 and then offer several different types of shirts, some of which cost substantially more to print (and those shirts have a higher price point).

Now that we’re 10 t-shirts in we’ve been watching the numbers and we’ve discovered a good rule of thumb that for this to be a sustainable business, we need to sell at least 100 shirts a week. Some weeks we have no problem reaching that, other weeks we get no where close.

So, to help even out the cashflow for the underperforming shirts versus the best sellers, we’re raising the price $1 for all shirts across the board. Most people won’t notice but I thought we should give an explanation for those that do.

Another reason for the price rise is that we’ve recently switched printers. They charge a little more but the quality is much better and we have more control (they’re located down the street from us and we can watch them get printed). Lead time is also reduced as we don’t have to wait for them to be shipped to us – which reduced the time from printing to your door.

We hope you understand and continue to enjoy our t-shirt designs – we have many more awesome ones on the way!