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Video: Four Versions of Shakespeare’s John of Gaunt Speech from Richard II – Inspiration for This Week’s Shirt

This week’s design “This England” was inspired by the iconic John of Gaunt speech from Shakespeare’s Richard II.

Here are four different versions of the speech from different eras.

Very cool!

John of Gaunt’s famous “sceptered isle” speech, from four different filmed performances of “Richard II”.

  • 0:00 – An Age of Kings, 1960, Edgar Wreford
  • 2:01 – BBC Shakespeare, 1978, John Gielgud
  • 3:58 – Shakespeare’s Globe, 2003, John McEnery
  • 5:35 – The Hollow Crown, 2012, Patrick Stewart


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Top 10 Reasons Why London is Always a Good Idea


We’ve had an excellent response to this week’s featured design London is Always a Good Idea. People are really enjoying the sentiment and as passionate Londonphiles, we share it as well.

We thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 reasons why we think a trip to London is always a good idea.


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There’s always another museum you haven’t been to


London is home to well over 100 museums – it would take a lifetime to explore them all. This ensures that on every trip you take to London, you can always explore somewhere new with a fascinating history. From the British Museum to the Sir John Soane museum or to the smaller Museum of Brand and Packaging, there is something for every interest.

There’s always a new play to see


London is the original capital of good theatre and musicals. Many new ones make their premieres here. Many older ones have daily performances. There’s always something to see and it’s a ton of fun eating a nice dinner out on the town and then hitting up a show.

Your old haunts miss you

We all have our own favorite special places in London – the places we’re sure to visit every time we’re in town. They’re calling to you. They want you to come.

Miles of Streets to Explore


If you look at a map of London, you’ll know very quickly that it will take a lifetime to explore its rabbit warren of streets. There’s always somewhere new to visit, a new village within the city to explore, a new garden square to relax in or a new Mews row of houses to admire.

Christmas is a Magical Time


We’ve been to London twice during Christmas time and it’s a truly magical place to visit during the Christmas holiday season. Everything is decorated, there’s the Hype Park Winter Wonderfest, plenty of lovely places to buy presents you can only get in London. We love it. Kids love it. And believe it or not, the weather is usually pleasant.

It’s Great Anytime of the Year

A lot of people like to complain about the weather in London. Yes, it does rain but no more than anywhere else. Yes, it can be cloudy and dreary but that’s part of the charm. We’ve travelled to London in all four seasons and the only time we really try to avoid is actually the summer! We love cool London days and the bumper seasons are the best. But despite the heat in the summer, that is when London comes into its own and the sun shines more than any other. The days are also very long (the sun stays out until 10pm or so!). If someone asked me what time of year to go to London, I’d simply say right now. You will like London any time of the year.

Your Friends Miss you

Part of the joys of traveling to London once you’ve done it for a few years is that you start to make friends with locals. And while they may be busy with their London lives (try not to be jealous), they’ll always fancy a visit from a friend. Good friendships will make you cherish your times in London even more!

There’s always a new bookstore to explore


As a person who loves books, London is a treasure trove of big bookstores and small independent bookstores. There’s always a new one to explore and you’re always guaranteed to fill an entire suitcase with books to take home.

The London Underground is calling for you


Despite it being a workhorse and often a source of derision for daily commuters, I greatly enjoy traveling the London Underground. In 15 years of London travel, there’s still a new station to explore and a new place to visit. There’s just something so special about the rush of wind blowing through the station as a train approaches. Perfection.

London’s latest fashions await

Due to London’s proximity to the fashion capitals of Europe, there is always a new fashion to explore before it hits the USA. London is full of small boutiques and even big chains that haven’t cross the pond. In addition to need another suitcase for books, you may also need another one for new clothes!


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British Classic: 10 Interesting Facts and Figures about Aston Martin You Might Now Know


A name practically synonymous with Britain and legendary fictional spy James Bond, Aston Martin was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bramford. Martin was one of the early race car drivers and he and Bramford decided they wanted to start making their own cars, the first having been constructed out of a 1908 Isotta-Fraschini with a Coventry-Simplex engine. Between the wars, the company went bankrupt, but was ultimately saved by Sir David Brown, who bought Aston Martin and began transforming it into the luxury car company we know today. So what interesting facts are there about this British icon? Quite a lot.


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Quicker than Quick

The Aston Martin One-77 has been the fastest car from the firm, reaching a speed of 220.007 MPH.

Bloody Germans (Don’t Mention the War!)

The company wasn’t in production for two years before “war were declared” and production shut down in 1915. Both Martin and Bramford joined the military and the company’s machinery was sold to Sopworth Aviation Company.

Give it a “D” and a “B”

The DB models have been some of Aston Martin’s most well-known. The first production model was the DB1 (also known as the 2-Litre Sports) in 1948. The DB3 was the firm’s first whole race car and was produced from 1950 – 1953. Meanwhile, the most famous of these models is the DB5, first driven by James Bond in the super-popular film Goldfinger. The film’s success and real launching of the Bond franchise inevitably tied the car to its fictional driver and it has gone on to appear in several other Bond films including Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Casino Royale, and Skyfall. Other models from the series to appear in the Bond films include the DBS in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and the DBS V12 in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. The DB10 is set to make an appearance in the next film, Spectre

£1 Million, Mr. Bond

The original DB5 from Goldfinger, driven by Sir Sean Connery, was originally sold for only £5,000. When it was sold at auction in 2006, it reached over seven figures, coming in at one million pounds.


The DB series isn’t the only model to appear in Bond films, as the V8 Vanquish made an appearance in The Living Daylights and the V12 Vanquish (with ridiculous camouflage gadget) appeared in Die Another Day.

Le Mans

Every year, the Town of Le Mans, France hosts a grueling 24-hour endurance race on a closed circuit known as the Circuit de la Sarthe. The first time an Aston Martin car participated was in 1928 with the First Series. A car from the firm would not win the race until 1951 when three separate DB2 models placed first, second, and third.

Join the Club

The Aston Martin Owners Club is celebrating its 80th year in 2015. There are 20 divisions of the club worldwide and it regularly puts on events for its members and even has a shop with bespoke Aston Martin items for those quite keen on such things.

One Last Bond Fact

The most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, actually has a free pass at the Aston Martin factory. He can drive any Aston on the test track any time he wants. He doesn’t feel inclined to take any home, though, as it just isn’t the same in the city. “I could drive it faster and more furiously (on the track) than anywhere on the road. I live in London (and) it doesn’t make any sense to drive an Aston Martin there. I’ve nowhere to park it.”

It’s a Record!

Speaking of the Aston Martin DBS and Casino Royale, the car actually set a record during production of the film. In the scene where Bond crashes the car after swerving to avoid a tied-up Vesper Lind, the car rolled 7 times. The Guinness Book of World confirmed it as a record for most cannon rolls by a car on 5 November 2006.

Made in Britain

Ford Motor Company became a shareholder in 1987 and eventually came to own the company with a majority share. The company was made part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group, modernised the manufacturing process, and began to really ramp up production. After about 20 years of having a major stake in Aston Martin, Ford sold a majority of its shares to Prodrive founder David Richards, Aston Martin collector John Sinders, and Investment Dar and Adeem Investment Co, two international investment companies headquartered in Kuwait for $925 million. However, Ford still owns 8% of the firm.


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My Heart Lives in England: 10 Things My Heart Misses Most When I’m Not in England

We’ve been overwhelmed by the success of this week’s shirt – My Heart Lives in England. While the design is wonderful, it’s the sentiment that has really resonated with people. Whether you’re an Anglophile born in the wrong country our an expat yearning for hearth and home – this design has had a wide appeal.

So, I thought it would be fun to share 10 things I miss most about England when I’m not there to illustrate why my heart truly lives there. I could easily come up with a list of 100 – but let’s keep it manageable at 10!


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1. The BBC


This one is easy. I miss British Telly most of all and the stuff that filters on to American networks just isn’t enough to fill the desire for quality British telly. The BBC is amazing – they make stunning dramas and documentaries and there are no commercials.

2. Chunky Chips


To me, a fan of the French Fry, there’s nothing better than a serving of thick potato chips right out of the fryer. They have an airy texture along with that lovely oil taste you just can’t replicate anywhere else.

3. The Green and Pleasant Land


When you travel throughout England at different times of the year, you notice that one thing never changes about the scenery – it’s ALWAYS green. Because England’s climate is more temperate, the grass never goes into hibernation and stays green year round. It makes for stunning landscapes no matter what time of year you’re there (the picture above was taken in January!). Contrast to where we live in the midwest, everything DIES in November. Nothing but brown colored grass until April (that is if it’s not covered in snow). I even miss the rain – just loved the smell of the rain on an English afternoon walk.

4. Proper Tea


It’s no secret the English love a good cup of tea but not only that – the tea is just better over there. No matter how much tea we bring home with us – it never tastes the same as tea served hot in England with milk and sugar. Yum. I’m looking at plane ticket prices right now.

5. British Bread


I LOVE the bread in England. It’s so rich and thick and not filled with as much crap as bread back home (why does my loaf of bread need sugar in it!?!?). I’ve often wondered why the English find toast to be a treat – but it’s simple – it’s because the bread tastes so good. Especially slathered in butter and marmalade. I’m still looking at plane ticket prices.

6. Newspapers


When we’re in England on a Sunday, we make a big breakfast a pot of tea and I pop out and pick up a stack of Sunday newspapers. They’re the best. They’re filled with so much content, you’ll be reading them for a week. I love thumbing through and seeing what stories are important that week and reading about cultural happenings. It makes you feel like a temporary local.

7. The Tube

London 2004 - Day 2 - 22

I’m a self confessed Tube Geek. I’m one of those people that can ride the lines for hours for entertainment. There’s just something about the bouncing back and forth of the cars or that whoosh of air as a train approaches. I love every bit of it – yes even in the hot summer.

8. Driving in England


My new favorite past time when we’re traveling is driving in England. On a recent trip, we piled into the car and went for a drive along the Dorset coast – stopping at anything interesting, drinking copious amounts of tea and viewing stunning vistas all along the way. We live in the flat midwest, driving is monotonous and boring. Driving in England feels like being alive. I can’t wait to do it again.

9. The English Accents


Now, I know there are multiple type of English accents – but generally I miss them all. It’s such a pleasure to hear the various types of English accents. I could listen to them all day. I especially enjoy the lilting Dorset/West Country accent.

10. Our Friends

Most of all – now we miss our friends when we’re not in England. When we first started traveling in England, we didn’t have any friends, but slowly over almost 15 years of travel, we’ve got a few real close English friends. They’re like our surrogate English family. We miss them most of all when we’re not there and can never wait to return to visit them again. Still looking at plane ticket prices…


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Sherlock: 10 Facts and Figures about Sherlock Holmes You May Not Know


This post was written by John Rabon and originally appeared on in 2014

Born of the mind of physician-turned-author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes is perhaps the most well-known detective (fictional or real) in the world. Challenging the Victorian Scotland Yard with his superior intellect and deductive reasoning, Sherlock Holmes always solved the crime and got his man—even when it seemingly cost his own life. Enduring from his creation to the modern day, the character has been subject to many film and television interpretations, most recently played by Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Lee Miller, and Robert Downey Jr. But some of the facts surrounding the fictional detective may even elude him.


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Both Holmes and Watson

Doyle was inspired by one of his professors at medical school, Dr. Joseph Bell, to create the famous detective. Dr. Bell had the ability to diagnose patients as soon as they walked into the surgery, using physical clues and deductive logic to make his prognoses.

Slow Path to Success

Believe it or not, “A Study in Scarlet” was not exactly successful when it was first published. Doyle wrote the story at the age of 27 while running a struggling surgery in Portsmouth. It took about three weeks to complete. Like many authors who went on to great success, his first work was rejected by multiple publishers, finally being published in Beeton’s Christmas Annual in 1887. Editor Joesph Stoddart convinced Doyle to write another novel for serialisation in Stoddart’s magazine, Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine, while at a party in 1889. Also at the party was Oscar Wilde, who agreed to write his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, which was published in 1890 in the same issue as one chapter of “The Sign of Four”.

No. 1 on the Screen

According to Internet Movie Database, Sherlock Holmes is the most filmed fictional character across film and television with at 292 entries. His first film was a comedy spoof made in 1900 called “Sherlock Holmes Baffled”, where he was played by an unknown actor. Since then, many great actors (including those previously mentioned) have had their turn at playing the detective, including John Barrymoore, Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Peter Cushing, and even Doctor Who’s Tom Baker.

Iconic Headwear

Despite the famous deerstalker hat being a staple of many films and television programmes (even “Sherlock” now), Holmes rarely ever wore one in his adventures. This was the result of Sidney Paget’s illustrations in The Strand magazine, as he typically depicted Holmes wearing one whenever he went to the country. Holmes also never said, “Elementary, my dear Watson”, though he would say “elementary” and “my dear Watson” separately. They weren’t put together until P.G. Wodehouse’s novel, Psmith, Journalist in1915.

It’s Actually Not Deductive Reasoning

What Holmes uses is a process called “abductive” reasoning. Abductive reasoning requires the individual to make an observation and to form a hypothesis based on reliable data from the observation and explains the relevant evidence. It was first posited by American philosopher Charles Sanders Pierce, which he referred to as “guessing”. Unlike deductive reasoning, the premises don’t guarantee the conclusion, but when you’re writing a fictional story like Doyle, it always does. Can’t have your great detective guessing wrong, hmm?

A Real Detective

Much like the character that inspired him, Dr. Bell also assisted in several criminal cases. Unlike Holmes, Bell did not solve the cases on his own, but was usually accompanied by forensic scientist Professor Henry Littlejohn.


The name Sherlock actually came about because Doyle was a huge fan of cricket, where the name Sherlock belonged to one of the more well-known players of the time. Originally, Doyle was going to call the character Sherrington, but couldn’t get the name Sherlock out of his head.

A Museum with a Wrong Address

As mentioned in my previous article about famous literary landmarks, there is a Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street. However, it’s not actually at 221, but 239. The address at 221 belonged to the Abbey National Building Society, which often got mail for Holmes. A struggle between the two over the right to that mail began when the museum opened in 1990, but ended after ANBS vacated their building in 2002.

A Typo?

Most fans of Sherlock Holmes know that Dr. Watson’s first name is “John”, but in “The Man with the Twisted Lip”, his wife Mary actually calls him “James”.


After retiring from becoming a detective, the character apparently took up beekeeping in Sussex in “His Last Bow.”


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Never Surrender: Ten Things You May Not Know about Sir Winston Churchill


Perhaps one of the most highly regarded figures in British history, Sir Winston Churchill was born into a noble family and saw much time in military service and politics. Despite falling out of favour after the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign during World War I, Churchill came back as Chancellor of the Exchequer, the same post his father had held in the government. Prior to World War II, he was one of a minority of members in the government opposed to the appeasement of Adolf Hitler, and as a result, he quickly rose to the position of party leader and Prime Minister following the resignation of Neville Chamberlain. He then led Britain through the war, and after a brief time out of power again, he came back to lead Britain through the beginnings of the Cold War with Soviet Russia. So what don’t you know about Sir Winston Churchill?


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Perhaps part of the reason he got on so well with American President Franklin D. Roosevelt was that the “British Bulldog” was himself half-American. Churchill’s mother, Jeanette Jerome, was born in Brooklyn and married Lord Randolph Churchill in 1874. According to legend, she’s responsible for the invention of the Manhattan cocktail. Churchill was also named a “Honorary Citizen of the United States” in 1963 and was the first person to be so honoured.

He Has a Nobel Prize—in Literature

Churchill won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 “for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values.” His works included a novel, two biographies, three memoirs, and several historical accounts many of which are still in print today.

Colourful Language

There are any number of quotes attributed to Churchill, some true, others not. One example of a true quote was that, after the United States passed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibiting the sale of alcohol, Churchill stated that Prohibition was “an affront to the whole history of mankind.” Another quote attributed to him concerned Labour Party rival Clement Atlee and said, “An empty taxi cab pulled up to Parliament and Clement Atlee got out.” Churchill vehemently denied making this quote since he had a great respect for Atlee as Atlee served under Churchill as part of the coalition government during World War II. One of the most famous quotes attributed to him states that either Lady Astor or Bessie Braddock approached him at a party to deride his drunkenness and Churchill allegedly responded, “Madam, in the morning I will be sober, but you will still be ugly.”

The Great Escape

At one point in his military career, Churchill was a Prisoner of War during the Boer War. As a young war correspondent in 1899, Churchill managed to escape from prison and incurred a bounty of £25. With no real escape plan, he managed to find a British mine owner who hid him for three days and then he returned home a hero.

Charlie the Parrot

In 2004, Peter Oram claimed that his pet macaw was 105 years old and was once owned by Churchill. He claimed that the bird’s perchance to curse about the Nazis (and Hitler in particular) was a habit picked up from the Prime Minister. The administrators of Churchill’s home, Chartwell, have rejected Mr. Oram’s claims, though it is unclear whether that’s because Churchill never owned Charlie or they administrators would rather not own up to a cursing parrot.

Iron Curtain

Churchill actually invented the term “Iron Curtain” to describe the rise of Communism in several Eastern European Countries following World War II. In a speech at Westminster College in March 1946, he stated that “an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.” The phrase was picked up on as a reference to the Soviet nations and is thought of as one of the beginning points of the Cold War.

The First SMS Abbreviation was Sent to Him

More specifically, he’s associated with the creation of OMG, which stands for “Oh my God!” Admiral John Arbuthnot “Jacky” Fisher sent Churchill a letter in which Fisher stated that he had heard about a new order of Knighthood known as the “O.M.G. (Oh! My God!)” and suggested it be given to the Admiralty.

War of Words

With Lady Astor, anyway. In addition to the alleged drunkenness comment, Lady Astor once supposedly told Churchill that, were he her husband, she would poison his tea. Churchill’s response was “Madam, if I was your husband, I would drink it.” When Lady Astor joined Parliament after taking over her husband’s seat (as he’d been promoted to the House of Lords), becoming the first woman to sit in the legislative body, Churchill stated that having a woman in Parliament was akin to having one “intrude” on you in the bathroom. Lady Astor responded, “You’re not handsome enough to have such fears.”

Special Relationship

Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt are credited with responsibility for the “very special relationship” between the United Kingdom and the United States formed in response to the threat of Nazi Germany. Speaking of walking in on one in the bathroom, at one point when Churchill was staying at the White House, Roosevelt entered his bedroom excitedly to discuss something as Churchill was getting out of the bath. Though Roosevelt was obviously embarrassed, Churchill allegedly responded, “You see, Mr. President, I have nothing to hide from you.”

Six Monarchs

During his time in Parliament, Churchill had the distinction of serving under six different royals. His career began in 1900 when Queen Victoria still reigned and lasted for fifty-five years, meaning that he served under not only her, but also: Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI, and Elizabeth II.


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Contest: Win a DVD Copy of Jeeves & Wooster The Complete Collection from Acorn Media


We have a great giveaway this week – a brand spanking new copy of the new Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection on DVD. This contest is open to USA & Canada (sorry everyone else, this DVD is region 1).

To enter you simply need to fill in the form below and sign up for email alerts from Anglotees. You’ll get 2-3 emails a week from Anglotees – one launching the new designs every Friday, one last call email every Thursday and occasionally a special announcement for a sale or special offer. Your email address will not be sold to a third party. If you’re already subscribed – don’t worry – you can still enter!


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A Note About Ireland and Irish Flags

Our intention with the 5 Flags collection this week is to offer the official flags of the 5 countries that make up the British Isles.

Yes, of course we know that Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, however, is). But the last time we did country themes we got a lot of requests for an Ireland t-shirt. So, we’ve come up with a simple design featuring the name of Ireland, it’s official flag and it’s official motto. If it sells well, we might consider doing more Ireland related stuff (perhaps launch a separate company as the name Anglotees wouldn’t fit).

We’re not making a political stance about Ireland and Northern Ireland’s relationship.

Update: Due to the negative reaction we received for offering the Ireland flag along side the other British flags, we have removed it from sale and don’t plan to offer it again.

That said, we will undoubtedly get questions as to why we’re not offering a specific Northern Ireland flag t-shirt since it is a country in the British Isles.

The simple fact is that Northern Ireland doesn’t have its own flag anymore – it was switched to the Union Jack in the 1970’s. The St Patrick’s Cross flag is often associated with Northern Ireland but it’s not an official flag anymore (and this collection is of official flags). Also, the last time we offered an NI shirt it was just not a good seller (we’re talking single digit sales).

If we get enough requests to do this theme for a version of the Northern Irish flag, we’ll definitely consider it.

An additional update: There are two possibilities for offering a Northern Ireland flag – Offering the St Patrick’s Cross or the Ulster Banner, neither are official flags. We will do a vote and plan to offer one or the other in the future.

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Doctor Who: 10 Interesting Facts about Doctor Who You May Not Have Known


This article was written by regular contributor John Rabon.

Doctor Who aired on the BBC for the first time. We’ve now had Doctor Who for over 51 years, and as this series continues to show, there are always reasons to watch. Of course, over such a long and illustrious television history, a programme builds up lots of interest facts about itself. Some of these you may know, others you may not, but in any event, they provide plenty of great moments on screen and behind the scenes.


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In Space, No One Can Hear You Exterminate

Rather than Raymond Cusick, it was very nearly director Ridley Scott who gave the Daleks their distinctive look. Scott worked as a designer at the BBC back in the 1960s and was originally slated to do the design work for “The Daleks” serial. However, before work on the serial began, Scott left to train as a director at Granada Studios and Cusick was tapped to replace him.

Diversity Firsts

For the first episode of the programme “An Unearthly Child”, the BBC had two firsts. Verity Lambert was chosen by head of drama Sydney Newman to be the show’s producer, becoming the first woman at the BBC to hold that position. Similarly, Waris Hussein was the BBC’s first Asian drama director, having directed his first programme in 1962 before moving onto Doctor Who the following year.

Driving Your Own Car

Exactly what the Third Doctor, John Pertwee, did during his tenure on the show. A bit of a petrol head, Pertwee had a special spaceship-looking car commissioned for him and got permission to have it on the show. Dubbed “The Whomobile” by fans, it was never referred to by name on the programme as Barry Letts hated self-references within the show.

Bow Ties are Cool

So cool, in fact, that after Matt Smith started to wear them in 2011 for his Doctor’s costume, the sales shot up 94%. Smith decided to wear the bow tie after doing his research to prepare for the role and taking a liking to Patrick Troughton’s portrayal as the Second Doctor.

Real Life Writes the Show

There have been several instances when actual events dictated what happened on the programme. The first was the rebroadcast of the first episode, as the original broadcast was overlooked by viewers after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The second is the TARDIS itself. Originally meant to change appearance with each episode, the costliness of this caused the TARDIS to become stick in its familiar police box shape. Lastly, the whole idea of regeneration was created when William Hartnell left the programme so that the show could go on with a new actor, explained by the Doctor’s alien physiology allowing him to change form and personalities.

Playing with the Weeping Angels

The Weeping Angels, enemies that can only move when not being observed, were based on the game What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf? In the game, one player is chosen to be Mr. Wolf and stands at the opposite end of the field, facing away from the other players. The players chant “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” and the chosen player will shout out a time that requires the players to take the announced number of steps (3 = 3 steps, 12 = 12, etc.). Mr. Wolf can also shout out “Dinner time!” and chase the other players. If he tags another player, that player becomes the new Mr. Wolf.

Quite Interesting

Stephen Fry was tapped to write an episode of the second series of the new programme by Russell T. Davies. Fry’s script was a play on the medieval story of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. Unfortunately, Davies found the script overly complicated and Fry never got around to doing a rewrite, so it was never used.

Highest Viewing Figures

That honour goes to the Fourth Doctor serial “City of Death” with 16.1 million viewers for the classic series. For the new series, the anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” brought in 10.61 million viewers in the UK and 3.6 million in the US. The box office figures for the theatre screening of the anniversary earned £1.8 million in the UK and $2.44 million in the US, becoming the second highest grossing that night.

The Master was His Brother?

Well…almost. Rodger Delgado, the first actor to portray the Master, was brought onto the programme in part because he was a friend of Jon Pertwee’s. There were plans for the Master to be revealed as the Doctor’s brother later in Pertwee’s era, but sadly, Delgado died before this could be realised. His death was part of the reason why Pertwee decided to leave the show after 1973. The Master would not reappear as a villain until 1976’s “The Deadly Assassin”.

The Fourth Doctor was a Monk?

At least, when he was at the age of 15. Tom Baker joined a monastery but came to dislike the discipline, chanting, and other hallmarks of monastic life, eventually leaving the church to pursue a career in acting. His iconic scarf almost didn’t happen. The scarf wasn’t meant to be as long as it was, but when the costume designer provided several balls of yarn to the knitter to pick the colors, she ended up using them all.



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