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We’re Changing Manufacturers For the Women’s V-Neck

Big Change at Anglotees today, we’re now offering a new V-neck from District Made to replace the v-neck we’ve been offering from Bella. There’s a couple reasons:

  • The Bella V-Neck is becoming increasingly difficult for our printer to find.
  • 90% of our returns and complaints have been about the sizing being too small.
  • The Bella V-Neck is way to expensive for us to buy.
  • The Old Version was only available up to 2XL, leading to disappointed customers who need a v-neck but it wouldn’t fit.

So, we’re going to fix all four of those problems today by changing to the District Made Women’s V-Neck. Ladies will find that the sizing is more ‘normal.’ The new shirt is available up to 4XL.

Here is a size chart for the NEW shirt: