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Explaining the Delays with London Calling

We just posted about God Save The Tea being delayed due to weather, many are also wondering what the hold up has been for London Calling.

It’s really rather boring but it comes down to money. We use Paypal and Amazon Payments to process payments on this site. Paypal is great, we get the money right away and can transfer it into our business bank account when we need it.

But about half of our customers pay with Amazon Payments, which is a little different. Because our account was brand new, they put an initial freeze on our funds that prevented us from withdrawing any money. For God Save the Tea, this didn’t matter as we were able to cover the printing costs with what Paypal brought in. However, London Calling was different.

London Calling was our best selling shirt yet – we sold almost 200 shirts (our previous largest order was for 100). This meant that we could not order all the shirts from the printer until we were able to withdraw the requisite amount of money from Amazon Payments. This took extra time as I had to fight with them to release the funds and allow us to freely access the money in the future.

Thanks to some good customer support (they listen to complaints on Twitter folks) we were able to get everything resolved, access the money and place the order with the printer yesterday.

We also decided to switch printers for this one as it’s so large we shopped around for a better deal. We wanted to go with a local printing shop so we can see the shirts being produced, keep it local and reduce the time it takes for the shirts to ship to our office (instead I go pick them up when they’re ready). You won’t notice a difference at all except the quality of the printing will improve but the shirts themselves will be exactly the same.

We expect to ship London Calling by March 3rd.

Thanks for your patience!