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Explaining Our Small Price Rise

This week marks the launch of our 10th t-shirt since we launched Anglotees in January. Some shirts have been a huge hit, others have not done so well. As a result, we have had to nudge our prices up a little but – there’s a $1 increase across the board on all our t-shirts.

To give you an insight into our business a little. When we started in January, shirts cost $19.99 and only one type was available. Based on the data we got from the first sales, we decided to lower the price  of the base shirt to $15.99 and then offer several different types of shirts, some of which cost substantially more to print (and those shirts have a higher price point).

Now that we’re 10 t-shirts in we’ve been watching the numbers and we’ve discovered a good rule of thumb that for this to be a sustainable business, we need to sell at least 100 shirts a week. Some weeks we have no problem reaching that, other weeks we get no where close.

So, to help even out the cashflow for the underperforming shirts versus the best sellers, we’re raising the price $1 for all shirts across the board. Most people won’t notice but I thought we should give an explanation for those that do.

Another reason for the price rise is that we’ve recently switched printers. They charge a little more but the quality is much better and we have more control (they’re located down the street from us and we can watch them get printed). Lead time is also reduced as we don’t have to wait for them to be shipped to us – which reduced the time from printing to your door.

We hope you understand and continue to enjoy our t-shirt designs – we have many more awesome ones on the way!