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New LOWER Shipping Rates to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and France

One thing we didn’t expect when we launched Anglotees was how popular our shirts would be all over the world. We’ve now shipped orders to over 25 different countries – we just shipped our first order to Japan a few weeks ago.

The problem with shipping internationally is that the rates are really high – even for a light t-shirt. Our blanket international rate is $14 to any country. Many people like our designs enough to pay the extra cost. Thanks to our new shipping system and our refined shipping processes, we can now offer LOWER international shipping rates to the following countries only:

  • Canada – $9 Flat Rate Shipping (save $5) – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • Australia – $12 Flat Rate Shipping (save $2) – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • United Kingdom – $12 Flat Rate Shipping (save $2) – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • Germany – $12 Flat Rate Shipping (save $2) – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • France – $12 Flat Rate Shipping (save $2) – Each additional shirt is $2 extra

Everyone else is still going to have to pay $14. These countries represent the bulk of our international sales and we think we can sell more with a more competitive shipping rate. There’s a flat rate charge for 1 shirt and then an additional charge of $2 per shirt after that. The increased weight of additional shirts increases the shipping cost.

In the long term we’re working on European fulfillment and distribution – but that’s 12-18 months away.

As always, our domestic rate in the USA will remain $4 to ship anywhere in the USA (and it doesn’t matter how many shirts you buy – it’s a flat $4).