Churchill: Never Surrender – Poster



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If you want to be moved, all you need to do is listen to one of Winston Churchill’s rousing speeches from World War II which always had one singular message: Never Surrender. This is a personal motto of ours. The success of Anglotopia and Anglotees is a tribute to the fact we never give up and work as hard as we can. We admire Churchill greatly as do many others so we thought it fitting to release a t-shirt dedicated to him with two stirring words: Never Surrender. Take it to mean what you want – apply it to your own life or just admire the historical meaning. This is not meant to be a political shirt, it’s a remembrance of a great man who stared down darkness, inspired his people and won a great victory. Never Surrender!

The poster is available in two sizes: 12×16 (inches) and 18×24 (inches). Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. A statement in any room. These puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper.

There is a $3 shipping surcharge as posters require special shipping and will come separately from your t-shirt.

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12×16, 18×24