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Several Updates: God Save the Tea, London Calling and New Shipping Option

Happy Friday everyone! A few quick updates on the shirts so far.

God Save the Tea

God Save the Tea is being printed Monday (Feb 24th). There was a slight delay as it was such a large order the printer ran out of shirts and had to wait for more to come in. We expect to ship them out to everyone Wednesday (the 26th).

London Calling

We’re still waiting for some of the money to clear from this run of shirts – it’s been our most popular shirt so far and it’s a huge order – so we need all the funds to clear before we order the printing. We expect this to be Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

I Heart GB

We are now processing these orders and expect to print the 1st week of March.

Now Shipping Everywhere

After doing some research and refining processes, we can now offer shipping anywhere that’s willing to pay the $15 flat rate shipping charge. In the future we plan to work on getting distribution in other geographic areas which will hopefully lower that price. In the meantime, this is the best we can do.