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We’ve Moved to a New Shipping Platform and Customer Experience Will Drastically Improve


One of the biggest challenges we’ve come across since we started Anglotees was processing orders for shipping accurately and efficiently. We’ve tried several tools. Some have worked and some haven’t. We’ve discovered a great new tool that’s going to drastically improve our order fulfillment.

It’s called Shipstation and it will allow us to change the way we ship our orders. How is pretty boring and we’ll save you the gory details (you don’t want to know about counting, sorting, etc). But the customer facing end will have a couple big changes:

  • Customers will now be notified as soon as their order ships automatically.
  • All orders will be updated with a USPS tracking number (this will be in an order shipped email you get when your order ships) that will allow you to keep track of your order without having to email us and ask. It will also be visible on your order status page.
  • All our labels and invoices will have Anglotees branding on it which will just look much nicer.
  • International order fulfillment will become much simpler and those orders will also have tracking info automatically added to their orders (these take longer to arrive to their destinations and we get lots of emails from people wondering where their shirt is).

Shipstation is not a free service, but it’s worth the investment to improve our shipping processes and for the customer experience to improve. We hope you notice!

We tested this when we mailed out British at Heart and loved it – it took much less time for us to process and ship our orders. We just finished shipping London on the Mind and it’s the first time we’ve used it for all the orders and we’re very happy with the results.