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The Anglotees Affiliate Program is Closing Down

This is a message for a very small number of people but our affiliate software doesn’t give us a way to message affiliates. We’re closing down the Anglotees Affiliate program. It’s been running for over a year now but there hasn’t been any sales through it in over six months. It’s expensive to run so we’ve taken the decision to close the program down.

We really thought the affiliate program would be a success. Oh well – time to try something else. Sorry folks!

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We’ve Had to Raise Our Shipping Rates

Bad news I’m afraid. The USPS raised postal rates last week, a significant increase over what they did last year. As a consequence, we’ve had to raise our shipping rates across the board (something we haven’t done since we started Anglotees two years ago).

From now on, the flat rate shipping price for domestic USA orders is $5.

Flat rate international rate is now $15

And these countries are:

  • Canada – $1o Flat Rate Shipping – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • Australia – $13 Flat Rate Shipping – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • United Kingdom – $13 Flat Rate Shipping – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • Germany – $13 Flat Rate Shipping – Each additional shirt is $2 extra
  • France – $13 Flat Rate Shipping – Each additional shirt is $2 extra

We tried to make things work without raising rates, but I’m afraid we have no choice.

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Important Message for Anglotees Customers: The Christmas Season Plan at Anglotees

We wanted to publish a quick update to let people know what our plans were for Christmas. Last year Christmas was obviously our busiest time of the time and we learned a few things. We hate the Christmas Creep as much as everyone else. But because the lead time for printing and delivery of our designs is 2-3 weeks, we need to think about it now.
First, we’ll be offering popular reprint designs (we already offered one last week and this week). This will give people one last chance to pick them up as gifts for the Anglophile in their lives.
Second, Christmas themed designs will start Next Friday (Oct 30th) and continue until late November at which point we’ll stop because they own’t arrive in time for Christmas. We have some popular ones from last year and some new ones you’re going to love. Hint: if you’re a fan of Love Actually – watch next week!
Third, the last designs that will be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas will be the designs launched on November 27th. Designs after that may arrive in time – but it will depend on the speed of the US postal service. If you’re outside the USA, don’t order after Mid-November expecting a Christmas pressie as it will be unlikely to arrive in time. We will indicate on launch pages if something will arrive in time or not.
Fourth, we have a selection of special designs that will be available for the entire holiday season and printed on demand. You’ll see when they launch – they’re amazing. All I’ll say is ‘Ugly Christmas Jumpers.’
And finally, posters and tote bags are different. They’re produced as they’re ordered. Our printer has listed these dates as the cutoff of Christmas ordering:
  • USA: December 8th
  • Canada: December 4th
  • Europe: December 10th
  • Everywhere else: November 16th
There’s plenty of time left to pick up a poster or a Tote Bag. We might add some more designs for the Totes but I don’t know if we’ll have time.
We hope everyone has a happy and fun holiday season – we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!
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Doctor Who Alert: Win a Collection of 8 Doctor Who Novels from the Doctor Who History Collection – GLOBAL CONTEST


We have a special treat this week on honor of our Doctor Who t-shirt – Union Who and Union Dalek. We have a collection of 8 Doctor Who books to give away.

The Doctor Who: History Collection is a series of Doctor Who books published last March that explore past Doctors. The Doctor Who History Collection: Eight classic adventures. Eight unforgettable moments in time. Lots of impossible things.

We’ll giveaway this brilliant set to one lucky winner – all you have to do is sign up to receive Anglotees updates (we send out at most 3 emails a week, 1 for launch, 1 for last call and occasionally a special sale notice). If you’re already on the list, you can still enter.

This is a GLOBAL CONTEST – anyone can enter – we have the books on hand so we can send them anywhere.


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Store Notice: Amazon Payments Support at Anglotees Ends May 31st


We wanted to let our customers know about something important while there was still time. Currently, we accept three payment options: Paypal, Stripe and Amazon Payments.

We were notified by Amazon Payments a few months ago that they would be dropping support for their service and it would not be available after May 31st. This was certainly irritating news for us as half our payments came through Amazon payments and it was great to offer an alternative trusted way for people to pay for their t-shirts.

Sadly, Amazon is closing Amazon payments. We don’t know why but they are trying to push everyone to a new payments service which we don’t like and requires more backend development that we’re capable of doing – it also changes the ‘flow’ of payment at checkout.

So, we can began looking for alternatives and signed up with Stripe – which we’ve been using for about two months now. It’s fantastic and now half our payments are going through that. So, by attrition customers made the choice for us.

We will keep accepting Amazon Payments until May 31st, at which point we will have to shut it off.

After May 31st you will have two options to pay with us:

  • Paypal (our preferred method)
  • Stripe – Use a Credit Card directly in the cart – no account needed

About 1/3 of you still pay with Amazon Payments, so we hope that this transition will be painless – if you don’t have a Paypal account or refuse to work with them (many people do) then we recommend selecting Stripe at checkout – it’s crazy easy – all you do is enter your credit card info and your order is securely placed.

If you have any questions – feel free to email us at

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Guide to the Anglotees Printing Process

We’ve been running Anglotees for over a year now and we occasionally get questions about how we print our shirts and questions as to why don’t use a particular process. We’re going to try and address those questions in this post and will use this as future reference point for these questions in the future.

Anglotees Primarily Uses Screen Printing

Most of our shirts are printed using the silk screen printing process. We use a factory locally to us in the midwest. This is process is simple, each color is printed through a screen onto the garment. This is the most economical way to print the large quantities of t-shirts that we print on a weekly basis. This is also how MOST t-shirts are printed, even the ones you find in the store.

The only drawback to this process is that if the design has a lot going on with it, a lot of ink is used which can give a plasticky feel to the shirt. We try to counter this by keeping the designs simple. Usually, after a few washes the plasticky feeling washes away.

Screen printing is also the longest lasting of the various printing process because you’re permanently putting ink on the garments.

Occasionally We Use Direct to Garment Printing

We have a secondary printer we use when an order is messed up and we need small quantities reprinted. Direct to Garment printing is where a shirt is fed into a physical printer (like your printer at home) and the design is directly printed on to the garment. This is a neat process and there are more color ranges available when printing. However, it’s a time consuming process so is not suitable for large print runs (we print 200-300 shirts a week so it just wouldn’t work).

From time to time, a shirt will arrive damaged from the screen printer or there will be something wrong with the garment and we just can’t send it to the customer. In situations like that, we often have it reprinted using our secondary Direct to Garment printer.

Why We Don’t Use Heat Transfer

We’ve gotten lots of questions about why we don’t use the printing process where the design is dyed into the garment. This is called heat transfer and what happens is heat is used to transfer the ink into the garment, dying the garment. This makes the printed design become apart of the garment. This is a cool process and it’s less plasticky than screen printing. However, as with direct to garment printing, it’s a very slow and laborious process so we can’t use it for large quantities.

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Contest: Win a DVD Copy of Jeeves & Wooster The Complete Collection from Acorn Media


We have a great giveaway this week – a brand spanking new copy of the new Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection on DVD. This contest is open to USA & Canada (sorry everyone else, this DVD is region 1).

To enter you simply need to fill in the form below and sign up for email alerts from Anglotees. You’ll get 2-3 emails a week from Anglotees – one launching the new designs every Friday, one last call email every Thursday and occasionally a special announcement for a sale or special offer. Your email address will not be sold to a third party. If you’re already subscribed – don’t worry – you can still enter!


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Anglotees Now Takes Credit Cards Directly on the Site with Stripe!


Good news everyone, Anglotees can now take your credit card directly on the checkout page using the service Stripe.

When we started Anglotees, we had two options for payments: Paypal and Amazon Payments. We’ve generally been very happy with both, in fact we still prefer people pay with Paypal as their first option.

Amazon Payments is another story. Amazon is phasing out Amazon Payments and forcing us all to move to a new service. While I plan to move to it, the transition is more involved than just updating some settings.

We’ve also been wanting a way for people to enter their credit card info directly into the cart at checkout – as it makes the checkout process frictionless. People are more likely to finish their order if everything happens on one page instead of being taken to a third party to login and pay.

So, from today you can enter your credit card information directly on Anglotees when you checkout. We’re using the service called Stripe which is a popular and secure way for small merchants to take credit cards without the hassle of a merchant account.

Just Select 'Stripe' at Checkout!
Just Select ‘Stripe’ at Checkout!

A Important Message About Security

We take the security of our customers’ information very seriously. Anglotees is protected by SSL so that all transactions are secure. While we will now be taking credit cards directly on our site, WE DO NOT EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.

When you select Stripe as your payment option and enter it, it is sent directly to Stripe for processing using a secure SSL connection. They verify the payment and then communicate the successful transaction back to us. We DO NOT store your credit card information. However, you can select the option for Stripe to store the information on their secure servers to make checkout in the future quicker.

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Anglotees Now Has an Affiliate Program! Earn Money Promoting Anglotees



Big news today as we plan our expansion for Anglotees in 2015, we have created an affiliate program.

What’s an affiliate program? 

Basically you can earn a commission for anyone you refer to us that leads to a sale.

This means that anyone with a blog or large social media following can promote Anglotees designs and earn a commission on any sales they generate.

You can earn a 10% commission on each sale, which can add up quickly depending on how many people you send to us. We sell a few thousand shirts a month so there’s a lot of opportunity for growth.

How do we track this?

We use a company called Refersion that uses software to track all the referrals you send to us. It interfaces with our cart system and knows if there was a sale. It tallies up all the sales and on the 1st of the next month, we’ll issue a commission payment to you.

Program Terms:

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 60 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Additional terms 10% of sale. 60 day cookie. Payments via Paypal on the 1st of every month for the previous month’s commissions.

How Will We Support Affiliates?

All the graphics you need will be on our site, you simply need to create your unique affiliate link and use the graphics. We’ll also have special sales throughout the year. We also have a monthly ‘remainder’ sale where we clear our excess inventory. We also have gift cards. If there is enough sales volume from you, we may do special things like offer a contest or special coupon code. We’ll be wathcing closely!

Where Do I Sign up?

You can sign up here and begin promoting our designs right away!

Anglotees Affiliate Program