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Mind the Gap: 13 Random Facts and Figures About The Tube You Probably Didn’t Know



In honor of our current t-shirt – Mind the Gap – here are 13 random facts and figures about the London Underground you probably didn’t know.


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1. Today the Tube carries 1,107 million passengers each year to 270 stations.

2. London Underground is colloquially known as ‘the Tube’, which originally referred to the deep-level train lines which were used by trains of a smaller and more circular cross-section, as opposed to the less deep “cut-and-cover” lines that were built first and originally used steam locomotives. The term now embraces the whole system.

3. The average speed of a Tube train is 33km per hour/ 20.5 mph

4. The number of miles/km travelled by each Tube train each year is 114,500 miles/184,269km

5. The length of the Tube network is 402km/249 miles

6. Every day over 1000 people accidentally leave something on the Tube. All the items are sent to a basement office in Baker Street that employs 40 full time staff. At any one time it holds 200,000 items of lost property; some of the weirder items in the past have included Samurai swords, false teeth, three dead bats and a 14 foot boat. Items not claimed after 3 months are either sold at auction or given to charity.

7. The disused tube station Aldwych is often seen on screen, and was used as a location for scenes in Superman IV: The Quest for PeaceAtonement and V for Vendetta

8. The maximum depth of the Tube below ground level is at Holly Bush Hill in Hampstead, where the deep level lines run 68.8 m/221ft under ground

9. The longest escalator is at Angel station: it’s 60m/197ft, with a vertical rise of 27.5m/90ft

10. Baker Street is the station with the most platforms – it has 10

11. London’s busiest Tube station is Waterloo, with 57,000 people entering during the three-hour morning peak. The busiest station in terms of passengers each year is also Waterloo with 82 million

12. During 2011-12 The London Underground carried a record numbers of passengers with 1.171 billion journeys made

13. Albus Dumbledore, a character from the Harry Potter series, has a scar just above his left knee in the shape of the Tube map



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