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How the Limited Anglotees Reprint Sale Works

You may have seen the announcement earlier this week that we were planning to launch a limited run of 3 of our most popular shirts. We took votes on what we should bring back and got a massive 1400+ votes and the message was resounding. The results matched close to what we expected so we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing back the following three designs for one week only:

  1. God Save the Tea
  2. London Calling
  3. Vintage Union Flag

These are three of our all time bestsellers so we’re glad that everyone wants us to bring them back.

They reprint run will be available for ONE WEEK. It will work the same way as our weekly shirts – we will take the orders for all three shirts for ONE WEEK and then print the orders.

Quick Questions:

Can you mix and match shirts?

Yes, you can order 1 shirt or all three in whatever types and sizes you want. The more the better!

Is the price the same?

Yes, the price is the same – starting at $16.99 for a unisex and going up from there. Please note that our prices have gone up since we offered London Calling and God Save the Tea, so the prices reflect our current pricing structure.

Is shipping more expensive if I buy more than one shirt?

No, the flat rate of $4 for shipping applies no matter how many shirts you buy.

You didn’t bring back _____ design – will it be available again?

We chose the designs based on customer voting and our own sales figures. We didn’t bring back others because we don’t think there will be demand enough to sell them profitably. We also excluded the last month’s worth of shirts from the voting as we’ve exhausted demand there. Will we still bring back old designs? Maybe. Our primary focus will be on what sells. We also plan to do another reprint sale close to the Holidays in the USA so people can buy our shirts as gifts. We will vote again when the time comes.

Are they all printed on the same color?

London Calling is printed on Dark Heather Grey – except for the V-neck 3XL and 4XL which are printed on charcoal (the only color in that size).

God Save the Tea is printed on Iris – except for the long sleeve which is Royal Blue and the V-neck 3XL and 4XL which are printed on Navy Blue (the only color in that size).

Vintage Union Flag is printed on Heather/Sports Grey across all the shirts.