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Missed a Design? Then Check out the New Waitlist Function

We get several requests a week from people to bring back designs we’ve sold in the past. And we do plan to bring the most popular ones back in special sales later this year. But it’s hard to predict which ones people want to buy again.

So, we’ve added a new feature to the site that allows you to join the waiting list for a past shirt and when/if we decide to bring it back – you’ll be notified as soon as we start taking orders again.

It’s a relatively simple procedure – just go to the shirt page, select the size you’d want and click ‘join waitlist’ and then you’re added to the list. You need to be a registered user of the site, however.

The systems keeps track of how many people are on the waiting list for each shirt, so we can use this data to know what shirts people are really clamoring for and that will make it easier to decide what to bring back.

Browse our shirt archive here.